Note 17 Leases

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Maturity structure lease liabilities 2022 2021
Within one year 133 122
1-2 years 81 52
2-3 years 58 80
3-4 years 25 35
4-5 years 16 15
Later than 5 years 59 38
Total undiscounted lease payments 371 342
Carrying amount 356 339
Revenue and costs from lease agreements 2022 2021
Lease payments received 2 3
Lease costs    
Depreciation of right-of-use assets -154 -122
Interest on lease liabilities -5 -3
Cost for short-term leasing -1 -1
Cost for leases of low-value -1 -1
Total -161 -127

Accounting principle

Lease liabilities includes the present value of the following lease payments:

Lease payments are discounted with a discount rate based on the country's underlying currency, exchange rate, length of contract and underlying interest with a supplement for company-specific risk premium. The discount rate is the same for all assets, unless a specific interest rate is specified in the agreement.

Lease payments related to short-term leases and leases of low value assets are recognized as operating expenses on a straight-line basis over the term of the lease. Assets with low value include, among other things, printers and copying machines. Full lease accounting principle can be found in note 16