Group development in the quarter

Net sales in the quarter increased by 65 percent to SEK 1,736m (1,053). Organic growth was 54 percent and acquired growth totalled 17 percent. Exchange rate changes had a negative impact on net sales of 6 percent, corresponding to SEK 62m. Net sales related to COVID-19 accounted for SEK 620m and organic growth, excluding COVID-19 amounted to 4 percent. EBITA increased by 209 percent to SEK 326m (106) and EBITA-margin amounted to 18.8 percent (10.0). The higher margin is due increased volumes and restrained costs. Exchange rate changes had a negative effect on EBITA, corresponding to SEK 11m. 

Net financial items amounted to SEK -4m (-5) and profit after financial items amounted to SEK 287m (69). Profit after tax for the quarter increased with 319 percent amounting to SEK 226m (54) and the effective tax rate was 21 percent (22).

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