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Reconciliation key ratios

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Return on equity Profit/loss after tax attributable to shareholders, as a percentage of shareholders' proportion of average equity.
  30 Sep 22 31 Dec 21 30 Sep 21
Profit/loss for the period (roll 12 months) 599 721 762
Average equity 4,449 3,263 2,755
Return on equity 599/4,449=14% 721/3,263=22% 762/2,755=28%
Return on working capital (P/WC) EBITA in relation to average working capital.
  30 Sep 22 31 Dec 21 30 Sep 21
EBITA 1,292 1,273 1,260
Average working capital (WC) 1,869 1,347 1,203
P/WC 1,292/1,869=69% 1,273/1,347=95% 1,260/1,203=105%
EBITA Operating profit before amortization of intangible assets.
  30 Sep 22 31 Dec 21 30 Sep 21
Operating profit (12 months rolling) 904 996 1,029
Amortization of intangible assets 388 277 231
EBITA 1,292 1,273 1,260
EBITA margin EBITA in relation to net sales
  30 Sep 22 31 Dec 21 30 Sep 21
EBITA 1,292 1,273 1,260
Net sales (12 months rolling) 8,889 7,993 7,593
EBITA margin 1,292/8,889=14.5% 1,273/7,993=15.9% 1,260/7,593=16.6%
EBITA Operating profit before amortization of intangible assets.
EBITDA Operating profit before depreciation and amortization
Equity per share Shareholders' proportion of equity divided by the number of shares outstanding at the end of the reporting period
Cash flow per share Cash flow from operating activities, divided by the average number of shares.
Net debt/equity ratio Financial net liabilities in relation to shareholders’ equity
Earnings per share (EPS) Shareholders' proportion of profit/loss for the year in relation to the average number of shares outstanding
Profit growth EBITA This year’s EBITA decreased by last year’s EBITA divided by last year’s EBITA.
Financial net liabilities Interest-bearing liabilities and interest-bearing provisions, less cash and cash equivalents.
Equity ratio Equity as a percentage of total assets.
COVID-19 related sales Big orders of PPE and COVID-19 tests

The key figures presented above are central in order to understand and evaluate AddLifes business and financial position. The key figures are presented in the “Key financial indicators" table and they are commented on in other parts of interim report. For additional information regarding choosen key ratios, please refer to AddLife's annual report 2021. 
The comparison figures for income and expense items relate to values for the period January–September 2021 and for balance sheet items as at 31 December 2021 if nothing else is stated.

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