Companies in the Labtech business are active in the market areas diagnostics, biomedical research and laboratory equipment.

  3 months ending   12 months ending
MSEK 31 Mar 22 31 Mar 21 change 31 Mar 22 31 Dec 21
Net sales 1,280 1,225 4% 4,428 4,373
EBITA 296 276 7% 997 977
EBITA-margin, % 23.2% 22.6%   22.5% 22.3%

Labtech’s net sales increased by 4 percent in the first quarter to SEK 1,280m (1,225), where of organic sales, excluding COVID-19 related sales, amounted to 8 percent and acquired growth was 4 percent. Exchange rate changes had positive impact of 3 percent on net sales. Net sales related to COVID-19 decreased by 15 percent and accounted for SEK 459m (540). EBITA increased by 7 percent to SEK 296m (276), corresponding to an EBITA-margin of 23.2 percent (22.6).

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Sales on the Nordic markets amounted to 48 percent of net sales in the first quarter 2022, compared to 58 percent last year (full year 2021).  The change is due to the acquisitions made in Europe during the past year.

The Labtech business has had a strong start to the new year. The Omicron variant initially led to increased testing, but as expected, sales of COVID-19 products generally decreased compared with the corresponding quarter last year. However, sales of non-COVID products increased. In diagnostics, we have solid growth in areas such as blood gas analysis, pathology and microbiology with increased sample volumes on existing instruments. COVID-19 testing is now limited to patients requiring hospital care and hospital staff, as well as private customers, including off-shore and airports. Future COVID-19 test sales in our diagnostics companies are entirely dependent on how the pandemic evolves, new mutations and different testing requirements in society.

In most countries, lifted restrictions have brought back opportunities for customer visits to demonstrate and discuss new products and solutions. This quarter, the number of procurements of more routine products has picked up again.

Our research companies had good sales growth at the end of the quarter as research laboratories reopened. Sales of non-COVID-related products are increasing most, but several companies continue to sell products for COVID-19, including mutation sequencing and wastewater testing. Demand is generally increasing for laboratory reagents used for gene sequencing, cell therapy and cancer immunology, as well as for certain instruments. The sales trend for our own advanced instruments was also robust, especially in Europe and China.

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