Financial position and cash flow

At the end of the interim period, the equity ratio stood at 36 percent (40). Equity per share totalled SEK 37.30 (35.14) and the return on equity at the end of the quarter was 14 percent (22). Return on working capital, P/WC (EBITA in relation to working capital) amounted to 74 percent (95). The slight decrease is mainly due to a relatively higher working capital, due to acquisitions. 

The Group’s interest-bearing net debt at the end of the interim period totalled SEK 5,557m (3,870), including pension liabilities of SEK 67m (82) and leasing liabilities of SEK 365m (339). The net debt/equity ratio, calculated on the basis of net debt including provisions for pensions and leasing liability, totalled 1.2 compared to 0.9 at the beginning of the interim period. The acquisitions made during the last few years have been financed through increased debt. In connection with the accession of MBA Incorporado S.L, new loans of EUR 98.5m were taken out, whereof EUR 39.5m were used for debt settlement. The credit agreement runs for 12 months with an extension option of up to a further 24 months. The group has good margin in the covenants according to the bank agreements and we intend to lower net debt through own cash flow. 

Cash and cash equivalents, consisting of cash and bank balances, together with approved but non-utilised credit facilities, totalled SEK 448m (674) on June 30, 2022. 

Cash flow from operating activities reached SEK 538m (384) during the interim period. The change is mainly due to improved working capital compared with previous year. Acquisitions of companies amounted to SEK 796m (2,514). Net investments in non-current assets during the interim period amounted to SEK 128m (64). The increase is attributable to investments in instruments for rental to customers.  Repurchase of treasury shares amounted to SEK 49m (0). Exercised, issued and repurchased call options amounted to SEK 5m (-5). Dividend paid to the parent company's shareholders amounted to SEK 243m (183).


Long term financial goals

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