Acquisitions completed from the 2022 financial year are distributed among the group’s business areas as follows:

Acquisitions Time Net Sales, SEKm* Number of employees* Business area
MBA Incorporado S.L, Spain January, 2022 670 285 Medtech
Business from Telia Health Monitoring, Sweden March, 2022 4 8 Medtech
O’Flynn Medical Ltd, Ireland April, 2022 64 36 Medtech
BioCat GmbH, Germany April, 2022 90 20 Labtech
JK Lab Nordic AB, Sweden July, 2022 24 6 Labtech
Emmat Medical Ltd, Great Britain September, 2023 28 4 Medtech
    880 359  
* Refers to conditions at the time of acquisition on a full-year basis.

During the financial year one acquisition has been completed.

On September 1 2023, AddLife acquired all shares in the company Emmat Medical Ltd for the Medtech business area. Emmat is active in surgical products in Great Britain and has a turnover of approximately SEK 28 m and has four employees. The company is integrated into the Healthcare 21 Group.

Revaluation of liabilities for contingent considerations regarding previous acquisitions has resulted in income of SEK 147 m of which SEK 82 m relates to the acquisition of AddVision, SEK 15 m relates to the acquisition of Bio-Connect and SEK 46 m relates to Healthcare 21. During the financial year, these have been reversed and reported in other operating income. The earn-out regarding Healtcare 21 had a high target that was not fully achieved and thus the payment was not made. Contingent consideration amounting to SEK 16 m has been paid during the financial year regarding Ropox, which was acquired in 2020.

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