Financial position and cash flow

At the end of the interim period, the equity ratio stood at 38 percent (46). Equity per share totalled SEK 32.10 (16.73) and the return on equity at the end of the interim period was 33 percent (31). Return on working capital, P/WC (EBITA in relation to working capital) amounted to 115 percent (103). The increase is mainly due to the increased EBITA result but is but counteracted by the increased working capital, mainly trade receivables. 

The Group’s interest-bearing net debt at the end of the interim period totalled SEK 4,012m (700), including pension liabilities of SEK 77m (80) and leasing liabilities of SEK 350m (215). The net debt/equity ratio, calculated on the basis of net debt including provisions for pensions and leasing liability, totalled 1.0 compared to 0.4 at the beginning of the financial period.

Cash and cash equivalents, consisting of cash and bank balances, together with approved but non-utilised credit facilities, totalled SEK 534m (1,006) on 30 June 2021. The decrease is due to the financing of the acquisitions in the quarter. 

Cash flow from operating activities reached SEK 384m (208) during the interim period. The increase is due to the strong result but is counteracted by increased tied-up working capital, especially trade receivables. Acquisitions of companies amounted to SEK 2,514m (66). Investments in non-current assets during the interim period amounted to SEK 64m (39). Disposals of non-current assets amounted to SEK 3m (4). Repurchase of treasury shares amounted to SEK 0m (31). Exercised, issued and repurchased call options amounted to SEK -5m (32). Dividend paid amounted to SEK 183m (0). 


Long term financial goals

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