Administration Report

Employees, research and development and environment

At the end of the financial year AddLife had 2,301 employees, compared with 2,219 at the beginning of the financial year. Completed acquisitions increased the number of employees by 4 (355). The average number of employees in 2023 was 2,284 (2,157).

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  2023 2022
Average number of employees 2,284 2,157
of which are men 56% 56%
of which are women 44% 44%
Age distribution    
up to 29 years 10% 9%
30-49 years 54% 55%
50 years and older 36% 36%
Average age 45 46

Research and development
The Group conducts its own research and development to a limited extent, mainly within Biolin in the Labtech business area. During the financial year, the Medtech business area carried out development work on a digital platform in welfare technology. The digital platform includes solutions for connecting sensors and care alarms in the home, Camanio Care, and digital self-monitoring of specific health conditions, Camanio Health. Following a thorough review of the digital development projects, a decision was made to terminate them at the end of 2023. The welfare technology offering also includes profitable home adaptation products, as well as mobility aids and sensors.

None of the Group’s Swedish subsidiaries engage in activities that require a permit or notification under the Swedish Environmental Code. None of the foreign subsidiaries engage in activities subject to equivalent requirements for notification or permits. None of the Group’s companies are engaged in any environment-related disputes.

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