Four reasons to own shares in AddLife

Attractive non-cyclical growth market
AddLife predicts that the medtech market has an average annual growth rate of 5 percent and the diagnostics market 2-3 percent. Many of the niches that AddLife has prioritised are growing even faster. The market is relatively insensitive to cyclical fluctuations and is driven by demographic factors, an ageing population and the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases. The demographic factors, together with technological development, an increased demand for preventive and personalised medicine and an increased focus on time-saving processes are increasing the demand for AddLife's products in healthcare, Homecare, diagnostics and research.

Cash flow finances growth
The company aims to reduce net debt by using its own cash flow. The company bases its acquisition agenda on financing acquisitions through its own cash flow. AddLife strives for profitable organic growth and has a high proportion of recurring sales and long-term contracts that generate stable cash flows. By focusing on working capital and profitability, the company generates strong and stable cash flows over time.

Clear strategy to create additional growth
A key element of AddLife's growth strategy is acquisitions, with a focus on small and mid-sized bolt-on acquisitions or standalone acquisitions with attractive margins. The company has extensive experience in acquisitions, with an established process for identifying target companies and executing successful transactions. The goal is for the acquired subsidiaries to continue to develop based on their strengths, with the foundation of a decentralised business model, and with the support of an active owner with extensive experience of the Life Science market. Company-specific targets are set for the independent subsidiaries, which are linked to the Group's financial targets.

Strong market position in Europe
AddLife's business model is based on AddLife creating value through its subsidiaries and building leading market positions in selected market niches in Europe. The company has a broad geographical spread with operations in 30 countries, where AddLife's subsidiaries have well-established sales organisations with high technical expertise that, coupled with the differentiated product and service portfolio, create strong long-term customer relationships and conditions for good business.



Latest updated: 4/5/2024 3:01:57 PM by Alexander Paziraei