Achieving sustainable growth

AddLife's strategy is based on achieving market leadership, operational agility and acquisitions, all derived from the Group's business model, culture and values.


AddLife has formulated a strategic platform aligned with its vision of enhancing people's lives through its position as a leading value-adding partner in Life Science, reflecting its proven business model and core values.

In 2023, AddLife introduced six strategic initiatives based on the Group's competitive advantages, expanded scale and strengthened geographic position, while aligning with current market trends. 


1. Lead the market
Market leadership in selected niches is important to achieve stable profit growth and sustainable profitability. To achieve this goal, our businesses seek to:

  • create value and build positions in selected niches
  • be qualified suppliers and advisors to customers in selected areas
  • build sales based on close relationships with customers, manufacturers and suppliers and the delivery of a continually updated portfolio of high-quality market-leading products

2. Be agile and mobile
An agile approach enables AddLife to create better conditions for business and profitable growth. To achieve this goal:

  • the subsidiaries act with speed and flexibility to harness new business opportunities¬†
  • AddLife develops the business as a whole, through active ownership

3. Growth through acquisitions
Acquisitions are important to deliver long-term profit growth together with organic growth. To achieve this goal:

  • AddLife continuously searches for new Life Science companies with leading positions in selected niches
  • AddLife has a structured acquisition process based on extensive experience of both acquisitions and the market
  • AddLife develops the acquired subsidiaries in the long term


In 2023, AddLife outlined six initiatives that, through its subsidiaries harnesses AddLife's market potential and leveraging on the company's increased size and presence.

European market coverage: AddLife's unique European presence, coupled with active internal networking, provides opportunities for broader dialogue with new, strategically selected suppliers. Risk is also minimised as the companies gain increased and quicker insights into global market trends.

Digital solutions: AddLife is broadening its offering of digital solutions, individually or in combination with other products and services in the portfolio, as well as using digital solutions to improve the efficiency of the business operation. Simultaneously, IT security is continuously being strengthened.

Value and productivity sales: AddLife aims to identify additional product and service offerings that can assist healthcare providers in creating more efficient processes to achieve  more(e.g. perform more surgical procedures) with available staff and resources, thereby contributing to increased efficiency in healthcare and research, as well as shorter healthcare waiting lists.

Service offering: AddLife aims to expand its service offerings to strengthen customer relationships and enhance its differentiation and pricing power. AddLife provides cutting-edge products that assist customers in improving clinical outcomes, streamlining processes and developing new treatment modalities. Users of these advanced products rely on comprehensive training, service, and support. This offering is a top priority for the companies within AddLife, crucial for establishing trust as a supplier of advanced products, with the associated high margins. In addition, the high level of service cultivates loyalty, creates a meaningful differentiation, and offers the potential for a high and stable market share.

Proprietary products: By leveraging extensive understanding of its customers and its close customer relationships, AddLife will harness the potential to promote and sell its own products via internal marketig channels. This can be a critical element in a product portfolio tailored to the customer group and can also support efforts to increase margins.

Acquisitions in selected segments: The Group is actively seeking acquisition targets in prioritised growth segments and geographical regions, primarily focusing on small and mid-sized standalone or bolt-on acquisitions with attractive margins. The unrivalled local market networks and deep product expertise of the subsidiaries are unique assets in this initiative, complemented by established and continuously refined processes and methodologies.

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