Corporate Governance


In accordance with the Articles of Association, a registered auditing firm shall be elected as auditor. KPMG was re-elected as the company’s auditor at the Annual General Meeting on 4 May 2023 for the period until the 2024 Annual General Meeting. The auditor in charge is Helena Nilsson and the co-auditor in charge is Susanna Norlin. KPMG audits AddLife AB and the majority of its subsidiaries.

The Company’s auditors follow an audit plan that includes integrating comments from the Board, and reporting their findings to Company management teams, Group Management and to AddLife’s Board of Directors, both during the audit and in connection with the approval of the annual accounts. The Company’s auditors also attend the Annual General Meeting, describing and commenting on the audit process.

The independence of the external auditors is regulated by special instructions approved by the Board of Directors, which show the areas for which the external auditors may be engaged on matters beyond the regular audit process. KPMG regularly assesses its independence in relation to the company and delivers annual written statements to the Board of Directors that the audit firm is independent of AddLife. During the current financial year, KPMG has performed advisory assignments concerning corporate acquisitions. The total fee for KPMG's services in addition to auditing for the 2023 financial year was SEK 0 million (1).

Quarterly review by auditors
AddLife’s nine-month report was reviewed by the company’s auditors during the 2023 financial year.

Auditor-in-Charge, Authorised Public Accountant, Stockholm
Helena Nilsson
Born in: 1973
Auditor of the company since: May 2023
Other assignments: Modern Times Group MTG AB, Humana AB, Ework Group AB, Infranord AB and Teracom Group AB

Co-responsible Auditor, Authorised Public Accountant, Stockholm
Susanna Norlin
Born in:
Auditor of the company since: May 2023
Other assignments: Works on the audit of B3 Consulting Group AB, Concejo AB, Ovzon AB, Ework Group AB, Ovako Group, Acne Studios, Advania Group.

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