AddLife and sustainability

Below is AddLife's sustainability report, which describes AddLife's operations and value chain from a sustainability perspective. The report can be viewed as preparation for the new legal requirement for sustainability reporting, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

AddLife's business model in relation to sustainability
AddLife’s vision is to improve people's lives by being a leading, value-creating partner in Life Science. By offering high-quality products and value-added services, we add value to our customers who are active in this sector. Consequently, our business can help enhance opportunities and delivery of healthcare and social services. Our product and service offerings also help our customers in lowering their environmental footprint by providing options with reduced packaging, products and services with lower carbon footprint, and supporting product reuse.

Our success depends on the dedication and experience of our employees. It is therefore essential to ensure a positive working environment, provide ample growth opportunities and foster an inclusive corporate culture so that we can retain our current employees and attract new potential talent. The products and services we sell are subject to strict quality assurance regulations. This ensures that the product does not result in any significant harm to patients and users. Maintaining high quality and safety standards for our products and services is critical to prevent both customer loss and damage to our reputation. Our business model relies on our business relationships with suppliers, the products we distribute and the raw materials from which they are derived.

Sustainability strategy
The external landscape, the healthcare sector, and sustainability itself are all undergoing changes that AddLife must address to successfully run our business. AddLife has formulated a sustainability strategy to navigate these challenges. It was revised in 2023, following stakeholder dialogues and an update of our materiality analysis. See pages 36-37 for more information. The sustainability strategy mirrors our key sustainability issues: our positive contribution to the Life Science sector, the well-being and development of our employees, and our supply chain management. We recognise business opportunities in working with sustainability and believe that our sustainability efforts can provide added value for our customers.


Sustainable health solutions
AddLife creates competitive advantages by offering high-quality products and value-adding services, coupled with sustainable solutions. Our position in the value chain, primarily as a distributor, entails close dialogue with many local-level customers and collaboration with major global suppliers. This offers a unique opportunity to facilitate a sustainable transition alongside our partners and develop solutions that could positively impact our business operations. We encourage innovative and intelligent solutions to remain at the forefront, while also reviewing existing products and services to identify areas for improvement, with a focus on material consumption, packaging, transportation and reuse opportunities.



AddLife offers Life Science solutions that improve people's lives by:
  • Providing products and services that improve human health and well-being and facilitate research in Life Sciences
  • Creating competitive advantages through high-quality products and value-adding services, coupled with climate-smart and circular solutions
  • Working together on sustainable offerings aimed at benefitting research, healthcare systems, healthcare professionals, care providers, patients and users
TARGET: Reduce the intensity of emissions in scope 1 and scope 2 per SEK million sales by 25% by 2025, using 2021 as the base year.


Sustainable culture
The dedication of our employees is the key to our success. We aim to foster an inclusive environment for our talented and dedicated colleagues, characterised by diversity. To accomplish this, we concentrate on aspects related to employee contentment, diversity, and inclusion. We are proud of our corporate culture and we take responsibility for how we do business.



AddLife builds an entrepreneurial, inclusive and responsible culture by:
  • Supporting the professional development of our employees through training, knowledge sharing and growth opportunities.
  • Creating a diverse, inclusive and entrepreneurial organisation that ensures the well-being of our employees.
  • Running our business responsibly with integrity and transparency
TARGET: 40/60% gender balanced representation at all levels of management by 2027.


Sustainable supply chain
Our commitment to environmental and social issues extends throughout the supply chain. The work involves evaluating, engaging with, and exerting influence on our suppliers, while also identifying new market-leading alternatives. Our position in the value chain offers us the opportunity to collaborate with our partners in developing solutions to responsibly address our shared impact. Each subsidiary is tasked with selecting and evaluating new and current suppliers, an ongoing process where adherence to the principles of the UN Global Compact is a key criterion.


AddLife wants to strengthen its sustainability efforts in the supply chain by:
  • Cooperating with our suppliers to reduce the climate footprint of our products.
  • Respecting human and labour rights, protecting the environment and fighting corruption in our supply chain together with our suppliers
  • Supporting our customers in developing new procurement models to ensure a sustainable supply chain.
TARGET: Evaluate 100% of our new suppliers from a sustainability perspective in 2023
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