Notes for P&L

All amounts in SEKm unless otherwise stated

Note 11 Operating expenses

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Group 2021 2020
Inventories, raw materials and consumables 4,729.9 3,174.5
Employee benefits expense 1,005.2 664.0
Depreciation and amortisation 478.4 274.2
Impairment of inventories 43.5 26.4
Impairment of account receivable 7.4 15.2
Other operating expenses 778.7 471.1
Total 7,043.1 4,625.4
Parent Company 2021 2020
Employee benefits expense 45.3 42.0
Depreciation and amortisation 0.3 0.2
Other operating expenses 22.3 18.4
Total 67.9 60.6

Accounting principle 

Cost of goods sold includes expenses for finished goods i.e. cost for production and sourced products, warranty, warehousing and transportation and exchange-rate changes on payables and receivables and the effects from currency hedging. Selling expenses include expenses for brand communication, sales driving communication and costs for sales and marketing staff. Selling expenses also include the cost for impairment of trade receivables. Administration expenses include expenses for general management, controlling, human resources, shared service and IT expenses related to the named functions. 

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