Responsible market participant

AddLife has set high standards for how we should act and operate, with high business ethics standards. Consequently, we attach great importance to ensuring employee awareness and knowledge of our code of conduct.

The 2021 materiality assessment combined with the stakeholder dialogues shows that patient well-being, long term growth and sustainable development and ethical business practices are prioritised areas for Addlife for future growth. We will continue working with the material topics during 2022. For example, we will identify most relevant focus areas, integrate these into strategy and create concrete actions and KPIs. 

AddLife proactively works with suppliers and customers and interacts with society to drive the sustainability from a business relevant perspective. 

As a serious market participant, AddLife takes responsibility for the entire transaction towards customers and society. In this way, we create a sustainable delivery chain by ensuring compliance with ethical guidelines, national and international laws and regulations. AddLife wants to serve as a role model and during the COVID-19 pandemic we have carefully maintained an ethical approach with respect to allocation of products, but also about pricing. This in a market situation of huge supply challenges. 

Across companies and markets, AddLife is present and active in various industry organisations to ensure and influence a high standard of ethics and best outcome for patients. This also includes a commitment to the existing operating guidelines for interaction with healthcare professionals according to each association, for example Swedish Medtech.  

Within the group, 72 percent of our operating companies have an ISO certification, usually within quality and occupational health. 26 percent has the environmental management certificate, ISO 14001. 

Zero tolerance towards corruption, bribery or unfair anti-competitive actions is core to our company culture. This is our commitment to the society and the people whose lives we strive to improve. It is also a commitment to our suppliers, who entrust their brand to us, and to our customers, who rely on fair and long-term partner relations.  

Our code of conduct supports the UN Global Compact, ILO core conventions and OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, which are integrated in our business.

AddLife’s goal is that 100 percent of all employees shall be aware of and trained in the code of conduct. In 2021 the awareness was 86 percent and approximately 90 percent  have been trained. Around 10 percent of the employees have participated in a refreshment course, which leaves room for improvement. To reach these goals, and to further equip our employees, we have an ambition to launch several initiatives. For example, improve our code of conduct training inside the AddLife Academy as well as digitalise the introductory and a new refreshment training. 

We will also improve our existing whistleblower function, making it more visible for employees and partners. In 2021, one complaint was received through this function, though not related to code of conduct breach.

During the year, AddLife has contributed to greater awareness of the importance of diagnostic information and enabled health systems to manage and follow-up the pandemic. The advantages from different diagnostic tests, for example patient benefits and system cost savings, will be further spread through AddLife in collaboration with other industry organisations.


  • Majority of new employees have received code of conduct training
  • Increased number of ISO certifications


  • Develop code of conduct training
  • Update and improve awareness of whistleblower function
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