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Note 36 Events after the reporting period

On December 22, 2021, AddLife signed an agreement to acquire all the shares in the Spanish company MBA Incorporado S.L. The agreement was signed with the majority owner and on January 20, 2022, the acquisition was completed and all shares were accessed. MBA is a leading independent orthopaedic surgery distributor with operations in Spain, Italy and Portugal. The company has a turnover of approximately EUR 67m and around 285 employees. The agreed purchase price for 100 percent of the equity amounts to EUR 111m cash. A preliminary purchase price allocation has been established: 

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Fair value MBA Incorporado S.L
Intangible non-current assets 423
Other non-current assets 173
Inventories 270
Other current assets 304
Deferred tax liability/tax asset 18
Other liabilities -326
Acquired net assets 862
Goodwill 286
Consideration¹ 1,148
Less: cash and cash equivalents in acquired businesses -115
Effect on the Group’s cash and cash equivalents 1,033
¹ The consideration is stated excluding acquisition expenses.  

In connection to the acquisition, additional credits of EUR 98.5m have been raised with Handelsbanken. The credit agreement runs for twelve months with an extension option of up to a further 24 months.

Kristina Willgård has on February 3, 2022, informed AddLife AB:s Board of Directors that she plans to step down as CEO. The transition will take place when succession has been completed or during the latter part of 2022 at the latest.  

On December 20, 2021, AddLife signed an agreement to acquire Telia Health Monitoring and on March 1, 2022, the acquisition was completed. Telia Health Monitoring develops and provides a digital platform solution that enables self-monitoring by patients with chronic diseases. The business, with sales of SEK 4m and its seven employees, will be integrated into Camanio.

No other events of significance to the Group occurred after the end of the financial year. 

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