Annual report 2020

We strive to improve people's lives

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AddLife 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world in 2020 brought a strong demand in diagnostics and medical technology. Turnover increased by 52 percent, of which organic growth amounted to to 38 percent. During the year, we completed six acquisitions with a total annual sales of approximately SEK 650m.



Challenging, but also an amazing year in terms of earnings

I am convinced that our success is due to our business model, which works even in a time of crisis. Despite major challenges, our decentralised organisation that focus on the needs of the customer, has developed the business and found new ways to deliver products and solutions while maintaining their quality. Their efforts to help customers have made an impression, resulting in deeper customer relationships that open up new business opportunities.


A leading player in Life Science

AddLife is a listed Swedish Medtech company active on the European market. AddLife owns and acquires companies in niche segments with offerings aimed primarily at the healthcare sector, from research to medical care. The subsidiaries are divided into two business areas. Labtech offers products, solutions and a wide range of diagnostic services, biomedical research and laboratory analysis. Medtech offers products, solutions and services in medical technology and home care.


Acquisitions 2020

Future growth at AddLife is expected to be achieved in part through corporate acquisitions, which are an important component of AddLife’s business model. We are constantly looking for interesting companies to acquire and further develop in the long term. AddLife is an active owner and an attractive alternative for those who want to sell their companies.

AddLife from a sustainability perspective

AddLife’s vision is to improve people's lives by being a leading, value-creating player in Life Science. We embrace responsible business practices, where sustainability is an integral part of our business value. We accept our responsibility for sustainability throughout the supply chain as employer, producer and distributor, as well as in our role as a market participant.

Shareholder value

AddLife works to create both good results and a strong shareholder value. We do this, among other things, through independent subsidiaries, active ownership and acquisitions. AddLife's financial targets contribute to a strong cash flow that enable self-financed, long-term and profitable growth.

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