Four reasons to own AddLife

1. Attractive non-cyclical market

The laboratory and medical technology market is relatively insensitive to economic fluctuations. It is characterised by stable growth, mainly driven by population growth with an aging population, which increases the demand for AddLife's products for both health services and research. Historically, annual market growth where we operate has been 2-4 percent.

2. Cash flow finances growth

AddLife grows with profitability and our subsidiaries have a strong cash-generating ability, which allows for direct yield and financial muscle for acquisitions and investments.

3. Clear strategy to create additional growth

AddLife has substantial experience of acquisitions, with an established process for identifying candidates and for completing successful acquisitions. The aim is for the acquired companies to continue to develop based on their own strengths supported by a financially strong owner with a solid understanding of the market. The acquisitions are an integrated aspect for contributing to profit growth according to the Company’s financial targets.

4. Strong market position and long contract terms

AddLife’s subsidiaries have strong sales organisations with high technological knowledge and long-term customer relationships. Our broad product portfolio creates advantages of scale and value for the Group.

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