Annual General Meeting 2021

AddLife’s 2020 Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 5 May in Stockholm. In order to counteract the spread of COVID-19, the Board of Directors has decided that the Annual General Meeting shall be conducted without the physical presence of shareholders, proxies or outsiders and that the shareholders before the meeting shall have the opportunity to exercise their voting rights by post.

Shareholders who wish to participate in the Annual General Meeting must:

  • be entered in the shareholders' register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB as of Tuesday 27 April 2021; and
  • have registered by casting their postal vote in accordance with the instructions on postal voting below so that the postal vote is received by the Company no later than Tuesday 4 May 4 2021.

Shareholders who have had their shares registered under a trustee must, in order to exercise voting rights at the meeting, temporarily register their shares in their  own name. Such changes in registration must be completed by Thursday 29 April 2021.

Postal voting

The Board of Directors of the Company has decided that the shareholders of AddLife AB at the Annual General Meeting on May 5, 2021 will be able to exercise their voting rights. only by post and e-mail in accordance with Sections 20 and 22 of the Act (2020: 198) on temporary exemptions to facilitate the executions of general  meetings in companies and other associations. For postal voting, shareholders must use the existing postal voting form available on the Company's website,, and at the Company's office.

Completed and signed form for postal voting is sent by post to AddLife AB (publ), Box 3145, 103 62 Stockholm or via email to If shareholders cast a postal vote through a proxy, a power of attorney must be attached to the form. Proxy forms are provided on request and are also available on the Company's website, If the power of attorney has been issued by a legal entity, a copy of registration certificate should be attached or, if such a document does not exist, the corresponding authorization document is attached the postal voting form. Shareholders may not provide the postal vote with special instructions or conditions. If this happens, the entire postal vote is invalid. Further instructions and conditions can be found in the postal voting form.

Proposal for the Annual General Meeting 5 May 2021:
  • Dividend of SEK 1.50 per share for the financial year 2020.

The Board has also decided to propose to the Annual General Meeting the following:

  • Incentive program aimed at people in senior positions
  • A mandate for the Board of Directors to decide on acquisition and transfer of own shares
  • A mandate for the Board of Directors to resolve on a new share issue of up to 10 percent of the number of shares

For additional information about the 2021 AGM please see AddLife’s website:


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