Responsible employer

The AddLife Group is characterized by strong entrepreneurial energy with dedicated employees who are driven to improve both themselves and the company they work for. Employees are our most important resource and AddLife puts a premium on secure forms of employment, a good work environment and individual growth opportunities.

AddLife’s decentralised business model with our strong corporate culture places great responsibility on our employees. Their commitment and high level of expertise create long and successful supplier and customer relationships, which are the foundation of our sustainability efforts and our ability to achieve our business objectives.

Our corporate culture and our decentralised business model enabled us to quickly adapt to the new conditions in the market that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic, which can be seen in this year’s performance.

Work environment is a priority area and we have a zero vision regarding work-related accidents and illnesses. We conduct employee surveys to identify areas for improvement at the Group level, in the subsidiaries and in work groups. In this year's employee survey, 828 people (85%) responded, compared with 556 people (92%) in 2019. A review is carried out at each company to prioritise activities by workplace. The survey also follows up the employee index, which is an important sustainability goal that measures the work environment with respect to health, safety, well-being.

One effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is that we reduced our travel and our physical meetings. We have worked from home to a greater extent than previously and used digital tools to do our jobs. In the employee survey conducted in the autumn, we saw that our employees have been able to work effectively despite the difficulties of meeting in person.

AddLife has high business ethics standards and of course we have zero tolerance for discrimination. This year's employee survey shows that the number of cases of discrimination has relatively doubled. This is very serious and will be reviewed in 2021. Employees will be given equal opportunities regardless of gender, age, ethnic or national affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. The employee survey is used to ensure that any discrimination is revealed and remedied.



  • Completed employee survey
  • Implementation of measures identified in last year’s employee survey
  • Digitalised parts of the course selection at AddLife Academy
  • New course in AddLife Academy within public procurement
  • Procured common platform for IT




  • Proactively work against discrimination through leadership training and AddLife Academy
  • Continue the digitalisation of the course offering within AddLife Academy
  • Begin implementation of Group-common IT platform
  • Conduct employee survey




Work environment – health, safety and well-being

Risk that employees are injured in an accident at work in the production environment, or that injury is sustained due to the psychosocial work environment.

Clear occupational health and safety procedures carried out for preventive purposes. Regular evaluation of risks to enable protective measures to be taken to minimise them.

Employee surveys conducted annually. A whistle-blower function has been established.

Discrimination and harassment

Risk that employees, customers, or suppliers do not comply with current legislation related to equal treatment. This can lead to victimisation and damaged relationships, both within the company and with customers and suppliers.

Discrimination, harassment, abuse and threats are not permitted. A well-established corporate culture with a shared value system is a preventive measure that serves as a compass for all employees. A common code of conduct is supported through courses at AddLife Academy. We require that suppliers comply with our code of conduct regarding fundamental principles and rights at work.

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