Strategy for sustainable growth

AddLife’s strategy is based on three basic principles that provide the framework for all of our activities. The strategies help us to take the right decisions to achieve our high financial targets.

1. Market-leading positions

Being a market leader in selected niches is important for AddLife to achieve stable earnings growth and sustainable profitability. To achieve this goal, our subsidiaries will

  • Create value and build positions in selected niches
  • Be qualified suppliers and advisors to our customers in selected areas
  • Build sales based on close relationships with customers, manufacturers and suppliers

2. Operational mobility

Operational mobility is an agile approach to work that enables AddLife to create better conditions for business and profitability growth

  • Our subsidiaries should be flexible and agile so that they can seize new business opportunities
  • AddLife develops the business through active ownership and board work

3. Acquisitions

Acquisitions are important for AddLife to achieve its financial targets for long-term profit growth

  • We continuously search for new Life Science companies with the conditions to take leading niche positions
  • We have a successful acquisition process for integration and development
  • We acquire companies in order to maintain and further develop them in the long term
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