Responsible market participant

AddLife has set high standards for how we should act and do our part, with high business ethics standards. Consequently, we attach great importance to ensuring employee awareness and knowledge of our code of conduct.

As a serious participant in the market, AddLife takes responsibility for the entire transaction. In this way we create a sustainable delivery chain by ensuring compliance with ethical guidelines, national and international laws and regulations. AddLife wants to serve as a role model and during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we have carefully maintained an ethical approach with respect to allocation of products, but also with regard to pricing, in a market that has experienced a huge supply shortage.

AddLife is also active in various industry organizations to ensure a high standard of ethics throughout the market on the regional, national and European levels. We belong to several networks to learn from, contribute to and influence developments in Life Science.

Human rights, a matter of course

For AddLife, protecting human rights is a matter of course. We do not accept corruption, bribery or unfair anti-competitive actions. Our code of conduct supports the UN Global Compact, ILO core conventions and OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, which are integrated in our business. The code of conduct, which applies to all AddLife subsidiaries and employees, can be read in its entirety on the AddLife website

AddLifes goal is that 100% of all employees shall be aware of AddLife’s code of conduct. We also have a whistleblower function, so any inappropriate conditions can be reported anonymously. In 2020 no complaints were received through our whistleblower function.



  • New training materials on sustainability have been developed for AddLife Academy



  • Update of AddLife’s code of conduct
  • All new employees will receive training to learn about the code of conduct
  • Continued ISO-certification of our companies




Work on Code of Conduct

Risk that employees and suppliers do not comply with AddLife’s code of conduct, including sustainability, working conditions, human rights and anti-corruption.

The work of ensuring that the business is characterised by responsible behavior towards employees, customers, owners, suppliers, government agencies and the community is an ongoing process. The code of conduct is supported on a daily basis internally in relationships and leadership, through employee appraisals, etc.
The code of conduct is also supported via AddLife Academy courses. AddLife partners are required to comply with internationally recognised principles regarding anti-corruption, the work environment, sustainability and human rights. Compliance with the code of conduct is evaluated in ongoing contractual relationships.

Anti-corruption and bribery

Risk of incidents of corruption and bribery, persons with inappropriate or criminal behavior aimed at achieving financial or personal gain.

AddLife practises zero tolerance to bribery and corruption, which is clearly stated in the code of conduct and which is to be communicated to and practised by all Group employees. Employees receive training in the corporate philosophy and business skills through AddLife Academy. This creates a corporate culture in which all employees have a common approach with high ethical and moral standards. The whistle-blower function that has been established is available both to employees and externally through the company’s website.

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