Stakeholder dialogue

AddLife’s most important stakeholders are customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders. We pursue ongoing dialogues with these parties, which provide important information that we use for both business and sustainable development purposes.

AddLife strives to maintain long-term transparent dialogues with our most important stakeholders. The stakeholders are groups close to us who directly or indirectly affect or are affected by our business. Pursuing continual constructive dialogues with them is therefore an important element in our sustainability efforts. Stakeholders have different expectations and requirements with respect to sustainability. The stakeholder dialogues provide crucial information when we identify the most important sustainability issues for AddLife and how the Group should prioritise its work.

In 2017 AddLife conducted stakeholder dialogues with subsequent materiality analysis. The purpose of the study was to develop the company’s sustainability efforts and to create a basis for sustainability reporting. An analysis of stakeholder expectations and requirements, combined with the significance of the areas for the business, including the actual ability to have an influence, helped us to identify eight important issues related to sustainability. Based on these issues we have identified six of the 17 UN global sustainable development goals that we actively work with; Goal 5 - Gender equality, Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth, Goal 9 - Sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure, Goal 10 - Reduced inequalities, Goal 12 - Responsible consumption and production and Goal 16 - Peace, justice and strong institutions. We have divided these goals into three focus areas; responsible employer, responsible distributor and producer, as well as responsible market participant.

These focus areas serve as the basis of our sustainability efforts and are shared by the entire Group. In addition to these aspects, the individual subsidiaries can also set and implement their own targets.

Prioritised Stakeholders

The stakeholder dialogues are ongoing and contribute to our sustainability efforts.

  • The ongoing dialogue with customers is conducted through meetings, daily contact, support, training, advisory services, procurement specifications, seminars, trade fairs and customer questionnaires
  • The dialogue with suppliers takes place through procurement processes, supplier evaluations and meetings
  • The dialogue with employees takes place through daily contact in projects and collaborative initiatives, staff meetings, manager meetings and internal training, as well as on a more structured basis through performance appraisals and employee surveys
  • The shareholders ultimately decide on governance within AddLife through the annual general meeting. Individual shareholders also have the opportunity to ask questions to the board and management at the AGM. Shareholders also receive information through the website, annual report, interim reports, investor meetings and analyst meetings



  • During the year we will conduct new stakeholder dialogues




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