AddLife Academy

Corporate culture and business skills

Our own business school, AddLife Academy is a key to success and central to the development of the employees and thus for the development of the entire Group. This is where we build our shared values and ensure that the AddLife Group has a supply of the skills it needs. AddLife Academy provides a forum where we can build internal networks that are important for growth. It increases our competitiveness, which then increases the profitability of the Group. In the Vision and corporate philosophy course, participants develop a solid foundation in AddLife’s corporate culture and fundamental business skills. For example, we carefully review our core values and our code of conduct. The course clarifies how we do business and how we conduct ourselves in daily life. In addition, employees learn how AddLife views financial sustainability and we review our fundamental requirements for growth, profitability and sustainable development. Within AddLife Academy, we also offer courses in sales, negotiation techniques, public procurement procedures and leadership, as well as customised courses in marketing, service and finance.

AddLife Academy is intended for all employees. We have had 1,890 course participants since start 2016. In conjunction with acquisitions and hiring, all new employees take the Vision and corporate philosophy course. In 2020 we were unable to carry out Vision and corporate philosophy for the newly acquired companies because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, all courses in sales were digitalised and carried out during the year. We also held our CEO and finance conference, as well as our marketing meetings digitally. To adapt to the current circumstances, we have decided to digitalise the entire selection of courses offered at AddLife Academy in 2021. The course selection is developed and expanded every year as the Group grows and new skills are added to the companies. This initiative allows us to leverage and develop the talent and commitment found within the Group.

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