Notes for P&L

All amounts in SEKm unless otherwise stated

Note 5 Net sales by revenue type and business area

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Medtech   2020 2019
Products   1,810.1 1,310.0
Instruments   226.8 157.3
Services   24.6 31.1
Total   2,061.5 1,498.4
Labtech   2020 2019
Products   2,324.4 1,368.5
Instruments   709.1 430.8
Services   178.3 181.7
Total   3,211.8 1,981.0

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2020 Labtech Medtech Total
Sweden 521.4 555.2 1,076.6
Denmark 658.7 161.7 820.4
Finland 522.5 181.9 704.4
Norway 360.9 469.2 830.1
Other countries 1,148.3 693.5 1,841.8
Total 3,211.8 2,061.5 5,273.3
2019 Labtech Medtech Total
Sweden 403.2 366.2 769.4
Denmark 331.9 137.0 468.9
Finland 368.6 206.6 575.2
Norway 291.4 297.3 588.7
Other countries 585.9 491.3 1,077.2
Total 1,981.0 1,498.4 3,479.4
Regarding other revenue types, dividends and interest income are recognised in financial items, see Note 10.

Parent Company

Of the Parent Company’s net sales of SEK 40.7 million (40.9), 100 percent (100) relate to intra-group sales. Of administrative expenses in the Parent Company of SEK 60.6 million (49.4), 0 percent (0) relates to purchases from Group companies.

Accounting principle

The fair value of what has been received, or what will be received, is recognised as sales revenue. Deductions are made for value added tax, returns, discounts and price reductions.

Revenue from sales of goods and instruments

The majority of AddLife's net sales consist of sales of goods and instruments. For these, the revenue recognition takes place at a certain time, which is when control of the products has been transferred to the customer, this is normal upon delivery to the customer. Transfer of control and thus also the revenue recognition normally depends on the delivery terms. The selling company then also has no remaining significant control over the product or involvement in its management.


Products may be sold with volume discounts, based on total sales during a certain period of time. Revenues from such agreements are calculated and reported based on experience and probability.

Sales of goods and services combined

The AddLife Group also has certain agreements that cover both goods and services. Revenues from these are reported by distributing the sales value among the various performance commitments. Revenue recognition takes place when the respective performance commitment is fulfilled. For the Group, there are usually two performance commitments at present; products (which includes hardware, installation and training) and licenses. Revenues from products are reported at a certain time. The license provides the licensee a right to access intellectual property throughout the license period and revenue is recognized over time. 

Sales of services

Other services form a limited part of AddLife's operations. Services are performed for a limited period of time and are reported in the period when the service has been delivered to the counterparty.

Leasing income

Leasing income is reported on a straight-line basis in the income statement based on the terms of the leasing agreement.

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