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Note 34 Earnings per share (EPS)

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  2020 2019
Earnings per share (SEK) 4.63 1.28
Diluted EPS (SEK) 4.61 1.28

The numerators and denominators used to calculate the above EPS are derived as stated below.

Earnings per share (EPS)

Basic earnings per share is calculated by dividing the income for the period attributable to the equity holders of the Parent Company with the average number of shares. The dilution from the options is based on a calculation of how many shares could hypothetically have been purchased during the period of the exercise price. The shares that could not have been purchased lead to dilution. The dilution in the Group is a consequence of its longterm incentive programmes.

The two components are as follows:

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  2020 2019
Profit for the year (SEKm) 519.7 142.3
Weighted average number of shares during the year in thousands of shares 2020 2019
Weighted average number of shares during the year, basic 112,127 111,083
The weighted average number of shares during the year, diluted 112,652 111,297
The number of shares from a historical perspective has been restated to take the bonus issue into account (i.e. the value of the subscription right) in the completed new share issue in 2019, as well as the share split (1:4) completed in May 2020 and has been used in all calculations of metrics for SEK per share. The conversion factor is 4.041.
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