Administration Report

Parent company

The operations of the Parent Company AddLife AB comprise Group Management, business area management, consolidated reporting and financial management.

The Parent Company's net sales amounted to SEK 64 million (51) and the loss after financial items was SEK 224 million (-18). Balance sheet appropriations include Group contributions received of SEK 191 million (259) and Group contributions paid of SEK -117 million (-136). Cash flow from investment activities totalled SEK -986 million (2,740). The Parent Company's financial net debt at the close of the financial year stood at SEK 4,842 million (3,122).

Share capital, share repurchases, incentive programmes and dividends

On 31 December 2022, the Parent Company’s share capital amounted to SEK 62,358,949 divided into the number of shares shown below with a nominal value of SEK 0.51 per share.

The total number of shares amounts to 122,450,250, where of Class A shares are 4,615,136 and the number of Class B shares are117,835,114. 

On 31 December 2022 the number of stockholders was 13,131 (13,879).

The Company's class B shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Two owners each control 10 percent or more of the voting rights. They are RoosGruppen AB (Håkan Roos through companies) with an ownership stake corresponding to 15.11 percent of votes, and Tom Hedelius, who owns shares corresponding to 12.62 percent of votes.

According to Chapter 6, Section 2a of the Swedish Annual Accounts Act, listed companies are required to disclose specific circumstances that may affect the possibility of a take-over of the Company through a public offer for shares in the Company. For most of the granted credit lines, they can be terminated in the event that the company is delisted from Nasdaq Stockholm or that another current main shareholder achieves an ownership share of more than 50 percent of the capital or votes.

Repurchase of treasury shares and incentive programs

In May 2022 the AGM authorised the Board of Directors during the period up until the 2022 AGM to buy back a maximum of ten percent of all shares in the Company.

During the financial year, repurchases of 360,000 (0) own class B shares were made. The average number of own Class B shares held during the financial year was 671,360 (895,322). At the end of the year, own Class B shares held amounted to 613,989 (497,489) with an average acquisition price of SEK 100.56 (52.12). The shares represent 0.5 (0.4) percent of the issued shares and 0.4 (0.3) percent of the votes.

At year-end AddLife had four outstanding call option programs. Outstanding call options during the financial year resulted in an estimated dilutive effect based on the period's average share price of approximately 0.4 percent (0.5).

The Board intends to propose to the Annual General Meeting in May 2023 an incentive program based on the same, or substantially similar, model as was approved at the AGM in 2022.

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