The AddLife share

The AddLife share was listed on NASDAQ Stockholm, Nordic Mid Cap list, on 16 March 2016. The Company's market capitalisation on 31 December 2022 was SEK 13,298 million (46,703). From January 3, 2022, AddLife's share has been moved to the Large Cap segment. On 31 December 2022 the number of shareholders amounted to 13,131 (13,789).

Dynamisk graf: Share development in AddLife

Market performance of the share and turnover
AddLife decreased 72 percent in value during the financial year. The OMX Stockholm index on the Stockholm Stock Exchange decreased 25 percent in the corresponding period. The highest price paid during the year was SEK 371.00 and was noted on January 3. The lowest was SEK 99.50 on 28 October. The final price paid before the end of the financial year was SEK 108.60. During the financial year from 1 January to 31 December 2022, 71 million (58) shares were traded with an aggregate value of approximately SEK 13,337 million (15,633). Broken down by trading day, an average of 281,731 (229,050), AddLife shares were traded at an average value of about SEK 53 million (62). The average number of transactions per day amounted to 1,622 (1,616).

Dividend policy
The Board of Directors of AddLife aims to propose a dividend equivalent to 30-50 percent of profit after tax. When determining dividends, the Company’s Board considers investment needs and other factors that it deems relevant.

Dynamisk graf: Owner structure
  Share in %
Shareholders 2022-12-31 of capital of votes
Roosgruppen AB 4.3 15.1
Tom Hedelius 1.7 12.6
SEB Fonder 9.7 7.3
State Street Bank & Trust Company 7.0 5.2
AMF - Försäkring och Fonder 6.9 5.2
Verdipapirfond Odin 5.4 4.0
AP-fonden 5.3 3.9
BNY Mellon NA (Former Mellon) 4.1 3.1
Didner & George Fonder 3.3 2.5
Handelsbanken fonder 3.1 2.3
Total the 10 biggest shareholders 50.8 61.2
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