AddLife has prepared a sustainability report for the 2022 financial year that covers the parent company AddLife AB (publ) company ID no. 556995-8126 and its 103 subsidiaries. The board of directors approved the sustainability report at the same time that it signed the 2022 annual report. No standard template for sustainability reporting has been applied in full. The purpose of the sustainability report is to provide an overarching description of AddLife’s business from the perspective of sustainability and to inform about the sustainability aspects that are necessary to understand the company’s development, position, and performance, as well as the consequences of its operations. AddLife’s sustainability report is integrated in part into the annual report. AddLife’s business model and Strategy for sustainable growth for sustainable growth can be found on pages 6-8 in the printed annual report. Pages 6-8 and 27-44 comprise AddLife's statutory sustainability report.

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