Long-term financial targets

Profit Growth 15% and high profitability double the earnings
The profit target, measured in EBITA, is long term growth of 15 percent per year. A yearly growth of 15 percent will double the profit in five years. The growth will be generated both organic and through acquisitions. Through our high profitability, P/WC 45 percent, we can finance the acquisitions with our own funds. 


The goal is to double AddLife’s profit in five years and to finance growth with the company’s own funds through high profitability

Earnings Growth EBITA, 15 percent

The long-term goal is for EBITA growth to reach 15 percent per year. The target for EBITA growth was not achieved in 2022 due to COVID-19 related sales having a significantly greater positive impact on results in 2021 compared to 2022.

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Profitability 45 percent

Profitability shall exceed 45 percent, measured as the ratio between operating profit (EBITA) and working capital (P/WC).

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Dividend Policy 30-50 percent

AddLife's dividend policy entails a goal of a dividend corresponding to 30–50 percent of the group's profit after tax. Investment needs and other factors that the company's board considers important are taken into account.

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