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All amounts in SEKm unless otherwise stated

Note 23 Shareholder's equity

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Reserves   2022-12-31 2021-12-31
Translation reserve      
Opening translation reserve   22 -50
Translation effect for the year   455 72
Closing translation reserve   477 22
Number of shares outstanding 2022 Class A shares Class B shares All share classes
Opening balance 4,615,136 117,337,625 121,952,761
Redemption of warrants 243,500 243,500
Repurchase of treasury shares -360,000 -360,000
Closing balance 4,615,136 117,221,125 121,836,261

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Number of shares outstanding 2021 Class A shares Class B shares All share classes
Opening balance 4,615,136 107,872,311 112,487,447
Rights issue 7,951,958 7,951,958
Redemption of warrants 13,356 13,356
Disposal of treasury shares 1,500,000 1,500,000
Closing balance 4,615,136 117,337,625 121,952,761

Accounting principle

Shareholder’s equity

Repurchasing treasury shares occurs, and the Board normally proposes obtaining a mandate to repurchase treasury shares, which involves acquiring an amount of shares such that AddLife’s own holding at no time exceeds ten percent of all shares in the company. The purpose of the repurchase is to provide the Board with increased scope for action in its work with the Company's capital structure, to enable the use of repurchased shares as payment in acquisitions, and to secure the Company's commitments in existing incentive programmes. When treasury shares are repurchased, the entire consideration reduces retained earnings. Proceeds from the disposal of equity instruments are recognised as an increase in retained earnings, as are any transaction costs.  

Translation reserve

The translation reserve includes all exchange differences that arise in translating financial statements of foreign operations prepared in a currency other than the Group's presentation currency for financial reports.  

Parent company

Restricted reserves

Restricted reserves are funds that cannot be paid out as dividends.

Retained earnings

Retained earnings comprises the previous year's unrestricted equity, less any provision to the statutory reserve and less any dividend paid. Together with profit for the year and the share premium reserve, retained earnings constitute the sum of unrestricted equity, that is, the amount available to be paid as dividends to shareholders.

Number of shares 

The number of shares at 31 December 2022 consisted of 4,615,136 Class A shares, entitling the holders to 10 votes per share, and 117,221,125 Class B shares, entitling the holders to one vote per share. The quotient value of the share is SEK 0.51. The Company has repurchased 613,989 Class B shares, within the Company's ongoing repurchase programme. After subtracting repurchased shares, the number of Class B shares is 117,835,114 net.

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