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Note 36 Events after the reporting period

AddLife develops the organization to take advantage of future growth opportunities and strengthens the support to the portfolio companies by adding internally recruited resources with solid international operational experience.

In the business area Medtech, AddLife adds a new position with responsibility for the companies within the Hospital business unit, which is filled by Luca Marenzi. Luca is today CEO of Biomedica, which was acquired in 2018 and was AddLife's first major acquisition outside the Nordics.
Peter Simonsbacka, who is currently the business area manager for the Labtech business area, assumes the new role of Chief Commercial Officer, with commercial responsibility for both the Labtech and Medtech business areas. Peter has a long and solid operational experience within both AddLife and Addtech and has successfully developed the business within Labtech and established the two business units Diagnostics and Biomedical and Research.

Tara Kearney now takes the role of Senior Advisor with special responsibility for the portfolio companies Mediplast and MBA. In recent years, Tara has led Healthcare 21 in its strong growth, both organically and through acquisitions. At the turn of the year, Tara left her operational role in Healthcare 21 after approximately 20 years in the company, the last few years as successful CEO.

No other events of significance to the Group occurred after the end of the financial year. 

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